February 26

Community Connections Project: Community Garden

Community-connected experiential learning opportunities are authentic learning experiences connected to a community outside the school at a local, national or global level. The connection can be a physical on-site experience, a virtual experience or a blended experience. It may involve connecting with people from various cultures in Canada or in other nations and countries. It might be learning from experts in a field of interest or connecting with politicians about a social justice issue.

A project idea I had to create connections between our school and the larger school community would be to create a community garden! Here is the outcome of my brainstorming session about this project idea:

Following my brainstorm session, I created a more formal plan for pitching and implementing this project. The plan outline includes:

  • a description of the potential benefits of this project to the school and to the community
  • a description of how the project will help students develop the global competencies
  • a description of how the project will positively impact student achievement, engagement and well-being
  • an implementation plan
  • individuals and resources that could be called on in the community to support this project
  • a plan for assessing student learning
  • creative strategies to allow students to reflect on the experience and apply their learning

The plan for my Community Garden “Community Connections Project” is outlined in the following presentation:

Community Connections Project – Community Garden by Spencer Burton

This presentation could be use as a pitch to stakeholders to initiate this project at the school site.

What are your thoughts about this community connections project? What ideas do you have for a project that would work well with your school community?

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