December 18

1 Year and Counting…

Happy 1 year of blogging to!

A lot has happened since I started up this website: I got accepted to uOttawa for a Bachelor of Education, I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Arts in Honours Psychology, and I officially began my journey of becoming a teacher. With all of those milestones comes many moments of learning, and since this website is focused on “learning about learning”, I figured I would share some things that I learned with you all.

1 Year

  1. Teaching is a lifestyle; it must be something that is in the back of your mind at all times. I can’t even go to the dollar store anymore without thinking of a teachable moment for everything I pick up.
  2. There’s a lot more to the field of education that I could have ever imagined. Students, the system, curriculum, and teaching methods are topics that only scratch the surface of the magnitude of education.
  3. First Nations, Inuit, and Metis communities are an important aspect of Canada’s education system. These cultures must be represented and emphasized in our lessons.
  4. It’s not always easy keeping up with blogging. Thankfully, some of my classes have me writing blog posts which keeps me up to date on reviewing and commenting on education-related topics.
  5. It’s a challenge going from a lecture-oriented education system (university) back into a student-centered learning environment (elementary school).
  6. Making students want to learn is just as important, if not more, than what they are learning.
  7. Classroom management is a huge part of teaching, more than I ever expected.
  8. The more you can make learning fun for the students, the more they will be engaged and retain what is being taught.
  9. Learning about teaching allows me to reflect on my previous teachers and what they did that was either extraordinary or lackluster.
  10. Teaching is most definitely still my dream job!

Thank you for following me on this journey for the past year. Here’s to many more years of learning about learning!

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