February 25

A Truthful Narrative: FNMI Inventions and History

A Truthful Narrative
discusses the importance of including First Nations, Metis, and Inuit (FNMI) inventions and history in the current kindergarten to grade 12 curriculum. Many innovations have been pioneered by FNMI peoples, which is an important part of Canada’s heritage. Additionally, it is important for every student to be able to recognize themselves in the curriculum that they are being taught, and this will be accomplished for FNMI students by integrating their history into the mainstream curriculum. The article provides 6 different themes that can be covered at each age level:



Curriculum Theme

Early Learning Kindergarten Holistic Engagement with FNMI Nations
Primary Grades 1 to 3 Building Community with FNMI Peoples
Junior Grades 4 to 6 FMNI Contributions in Our Lives
Intermediate Grades 7 and 8 Investigating FNMI Nations
Secondary Grades 9 and 10 FNMI Resources
Secondary Grades 11 and 12 FNMI Present Realities

Creating an inclusive classroom is essential to the academic success of all students. Teachers should strive to provide a culturally and ethnically diverse curriculum for their students, therefore promoting themes of inclusivity and acceptance in the classroom. In this type of environment, group learning experiences in the classroom are encouraged, which will foster a sense of cooperation among members of a diverse classroom.

An important attribute of a teacher is their ability to teach all students. This includes being informed, respectful, and accommodating to students of different cultures, religions, abilities, and socio-economic statuses. Students are complex individuals, and it is a teacher’s duty to acknowledge students’ academic and non-academic strengths. It is very important that teachers review educational material and select lessons that the diverse students in my classroom could relate to, which is main messages conveyed in A Truthful Narrative. This would ensure that all students feel appreciated and valued in the classroom, thus leading to more confidence in their academic abilities.


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