January 12

An Introduction to Bullying

An Introduction“. Trust me on this; I will have many more posts about the topic of bullying, especially because it remains so prevalent in our school and society as a whole. But I wanted to give a basis of what bullying is and its different types, some which we may not necessarily recognize at first as bullying.

There are numerous types of bullying. The image below presents the four main types of bullying, experienced by children: Physical, Social, Verbal, and Cyber.

Types of Bullying
I’m sure most of us have experienced some type of bullying at one time or another in our lives, but just how many report being affected by the different types of bullying?

Types of Bullying2
The numbers are astounding. Looking at the chart above, one would immediately picture the school ground as a battlefield! Children are being tormented at an alarming rate, and yet the majority of bullying goes unnoticed by the teachers, parents, and other adults in the child’s life. Why is this? I believe its because children are starting to accept that bullying is part of “growing up”; it’s something that everyone goes through. Due to this mindset, kids are starting to blur the lines between “friend” and “bully”, accepting them both into their friend groups. However, there are some major distinctions between the two:

As someone who has been bullied, I am very passionate about this topic and I will continue to research ways to remove bullying from the lives of my future students.

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